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At COREsolutions Education Services, we strive to place our substitute staff in school settings that value our core beliefs; treat you as a team member and recognize that your services are an integral part of how they function as an organization to maintain continuity of instruction.


New Hire Checklist - Updating for 21-22 SY

Download checklist here

Handbooks - Updating for 21-22 SY

Refer to School -Site  Procedures + Guidelines when working at a school site

New Hire Handbook

Submit Documents - Updating for 21-22 SY

Use the above link to upload/attach new hire documents

Find additional documents here

RESOURCES - Updating for 21-22 SY

As a contractor with COREsolutions, you have access to valuable resources that will keep you updated and informed on the most updated educational practices. 

Search through the following topics for more information:



 Updating for 21-22 SY


  • Surveys
  • Quizzes

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