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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.      How much will I get paid as a substitute?

  Daily/hourly pay could vary based on your assignment. Before you accept an assignment/job, you will know the rate.

Q.      What qualifications are needed to be a substitute?

  It depends on the assignment and what each site requires. If you're substitute teaching you will need a Bachelor's degree in any field, fingerprint clearance, and be           certified/credentialed as a substitute teacher by the state you are working in. Support staff (e.g. paraprofessionals, teacher aids, etc.) will need, at minimum, a high school   diploma or GED. Some states require at least an Associate's degree, or 60 credit hours--preferably in Education or Liberal Arts. All contingent staff will need a fingerprint   clearance before being offered an assignment.

Q.     Will I ever be offered a full-time position?

            COREsolutions Education Services does not offer full-time jobs for contingent staff, but may have an opportunity to fill-in for a long-term assignment that could potentially                    become a full-tme/permanent position.

Q.     Does COREsolutions Education Services offer benefits for staff?

            Since we specialize in contingent staffing and work with independent contractors, we do not offer benefits to substitutes.

Q.     Can I work with other staffing agencies and/or school districts while working with COREsolutions Education Services?

            Absolutely. Even though there is always a need for substitute staff, we do realize that there may be times you may have other opportunities. We want to make sure you're                    making the absolute best choices for you!

Q.   Am I required to work a minimum amount of days during the school year to remain on active status?

            No. However, in order to maintain an experienced and well-trained substitute staff pool, COREsolutions encourages all substitute staff to work a minimum of three (3) days                  during the school year. If a substitute does not work more than one (1) day during the school year, they may be required to reapply for the next school year.

Q.     How wll I be notified for assignments?

            You will be contacted as soon as a school makes a request. You can accept requests on our platform or via text message.

Q.     When will I be able to accept my first assignment?

            Once the onboarding process is complete, expect to start receiving assignments within rwo weeks.

Q.     How do I apply?

            So glad you asked! Please complete our online application and let's get started.

For more information about substitute opportunities, email us info@coresolutionsedu.com

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